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Tracey Jones



Instant pot website scam

  • by: Rachie
  • #90817
  • Jan 15, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $70
I ordered 8qt instant pot air fryer. There were several websites came up on the top of google as Ad.
All similar address and all jump to
Payment was thru PayPal.
No confirmation email.
The transaction number they show on their website did not match the one from PayPal.
Email address shown on the website is undeliverable.
No response from seller’s email address listed on PayPal.
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Scam Site

  • by: cedwards0034
  • #91803
  • Jan 30, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $114
I ordered 2 Instantpots believing they were from the instant pot company website and received a tracking number and everything, received email from "Paypal" saying it was legit, I started to worry after I realized the confirmation email had Asian Characters, thought I would wait until I received product though since I had a valid USPS tracking number. Received item today, it was a ring size 7 with something about allah and muhammed
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Scammed by Myinstantpot

  • by: Cpj2021
  • #91837
  • Jan 31, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $80.99
I placed an order for 2 items. Payment was through paypal. Got confirmation email but seemed off, they used a gmail as an email. Then i got an email saying it was shipped and when you check the tracking number it appears to be invalid. Like an old tracking number
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Tracey Jones
Web/emails reported:, [email protected]

Not instant pots

  • by: Charli_330
  • #92268
  • Feb 9, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $101.98
I was looking where to buy the insta pot and air fryer and the first thing that came up was this website everything looks like it’s from the company, I ordered 2 and received an Ema saying my order would be processed, 3 days passed and no tracking number or anything, I replied to the email and they answered two days later saying “ it takes 2-3 business days to process and a total of 10 for the tracking number” I waited the 10 days and nothing, I have email them several times, called to find out “ this number has. It set up a voicemail “ so no it’s not a legit company.
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Unresolved is not the real thing

  • by: katherine144
  • #92318
  • Feb 11, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $80
I ordered from here and while I was doing it I kept thinking to myself how can they market these for 50 - 60% less than the actual cost. I thought maybe instapot was bringing out new models and trying to clear the old ones. When I clicked on order they put in two orders for me instead of 1. It also bothered me that I could only pay through paypal. I never received an email that my order was processed and when I look at the website it states order processing. For an item clearly market $70 and an order for $70 they charged paypal $80.50. When I try to log into my account on my computer their fake website will not allow me to log in unless I allow cookies.
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$210.00 & never received a thing!

  • by: TeeManx
  • #92862
  • Feb 27, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $210.00
On 1/16/21, I ordered 3 instapots for $70 each. I never got a confirmation, but when I sent an inquiry, I got a reply stating they had just verified the $ with PayPal, and would let me know when items were shipped. After several more emails, I was told the Coronavirus closed all the local distribution centers, and they would ship from China, as soon as they were ready, but...I should allow extra time because China Post very backed up from Pandemic, and '
:... please don't make complaint with PayPal!!"
Today, I finally got into my PayPal account to see the charges had actually been made by 2 different companies, and they claimed all items had been delivered! B.S.!
PayPal refunded the first one already, but has sent inquiries to the 2nd one, and will let me know!
I certainly hope PayPal protects me (the buyer,) and refunds my other $140.00.
Old truth: If something looks too good to be true, it usually isn't!
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