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False Info & 2.65 Score Lowered to 0.56 when I made corrections

  • by: cjfelsinger
  • #69968
  • Apr 27, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $100
First, They are combining my records with a person who has a very similar name. 2nd) It's not, "Right" to report an X-Step mother, who I've not seen for 30 years, since she cheated on, & divorced my father, or to report an X-Wife, Michelle Punke, who I've not seen in 16 years, after 8 years in family court, & 2 years in Bankruptcy for an 11-month marriage where she wanted $80,000 for 11-month marriage, as my Associates.
It's not right for MyLife to report Dead people, who I've not seen for 15 years, as my associates.
It's not right for MyLife to include these above mentioned people as my associates, & lower my Reputation Score because of their Criminal Records.
It's not right for MyLife to Lower my Reputation score because of my neighboring people, who I do Not know, that live within
2-blocks of my house.
It's, not "Right" for MyLife to report count Court Records that were only the result of my X-wife's manipulations of the justice systems, against me.
They are the villains. My son, my current wife of 20-years, & I are the victims.
Now, MyLife is reporting my reputation score as questionable, when I did my best to save my son and get our family away from those bad people.
My Court records are only a product of my X-wife’s manipulations,and false accusations to the police.
Sadly, arrests are not taken off of your records, when proven innocent. It only says dismissed, But, MyLife is counting it against my Reputation score.
My Bankruptcy, only happened after X-wife dragged me through court for 8 years, & had her friends, kick in the back door,
Rob my house, and damage my cars, after the judge told her she would not be getting spousal maintenance, nor $70,000 for
an 11 month marriage, when my total property value was $30,000.
Also, my score decreased, every time, I tried to correct the entries, of these people off of my profile, (which the site says is free)
How is that fair or "Right"
My Reputation score even went down when I Emailed them.
Asking for then to correct or remove the Info.
MyLife Website reported my Reputation Score as 2.68-(Green)
It Lowered to 1.8-(orange) after I tried to remove the above mentioned people as my associated-(Which the website says you can do for Free)
I wanted to try to fix this & I also did not want my personal Info displayed on the website. So, I payed $1.00 for a 3-day Trial Membership. I turned off my personal Info, address & correct some Court records that are not mine-(which the website says you can do)
Now, they Billed my credit card $100, without my permission.
Now, my Reputation score is 0.56-(Red)
So, as you can see, My TRUE records did NOT change.
But, the WebSite Reputation score Lowered to the point of a Career Criminal, just for turning off your personal info, & trying to correct False Info.
I am taking Screen shots of this, and I will be reporting this.
Please, MyLife If you can not report these things correctly, than, stop hurting good people, who have already been hurt by other, people, who really are bad.
It's like saying the Jewish people who survived the death camps have a questionable or borderline bad reputation, because they have different addresses, Bankruptcy, poor credit, & associate with people who have a record.
I Request MyLife, to Remove all of my information from their Website and all other website they have any info sharing, or affiliation with.
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Unresolved and white pages premieres m

  • by: Shirleygoetz
  • #72095
  • May 27, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $9.99
On the website I wanted to find address phne #, etcfor a Friend, Janice Elaine selby who I haven’t been in contact with for years. I waited through too many reports that loaded then finally it said I could get that information @ a cost. I chos a one time only for 9.99. Paid by PayPal but it keep coming up that an error had occurred. I want my money back.