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Too many complaints from patients about unauthorized transactions

  • by: Willpower
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  • May 7, 2019
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A few months ago I was working for a company called Option Care. They started a new process called Auto Pay where the upfront representatives were required to have patients provide a credit card upfront before services began. The representatives are advising the patients that there insurance will cover everything at 100%, and that we would not be charging the credit card they provided. The representatives are not educating the patients or advising them of the process in its entirety. This has caused hundreds of patients to call in to complain and demand refunds. I reached out to management regarding this issue and was told to advise the patients, they signed a contract and that they should have red the contract before signing it. The representatives are having these patients sign up while they are heavily medicated or half asleep. This has caused me to go thru a great deal of stress as i was not in agreement with management on how to proceed. I advised management they need to hold a meeting with all the upfront reps to make sure this does not continue. I also advised management that i did not want to be a part of that and asked to move me to a different department. Shortly after, I was wrongfully terminated on 3/1/2019 for attendance issues. My goal here is to make sure this does not continue to happen
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Maribel Lopez, Ruben Villegas
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