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Alex Lopez



Website/emails: www.ospreymine.com

Chris Bunner - whatsapp is a scam artist

  • by: SlamScamArtist
  • #80437
  • Aug 10, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $400
This person does not have any morals or values. He can't be trusted any further than anyone could literally throw him. His plot is to get you signed up with whatsapp , create a coinbase acct. , and create a membership with his personal website/flytrap .
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I have been scammed by ospreymine.com

  • by: Jackng1984
  • #94383
  • May 7, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $2200
I received a message from that guy on Instagram. And he started to introduce me his company and his mine trade. Really nice guy from beginning, I registered on his website by putting $200 first. That guy promises me Iam gonna gain lots money by long term investment. I received an email few days later from the management I had to pay couple hundred $$ for keeping up the signals...an horrible example like this ((A fee of $629 on the 6th of April, 2021 has been issued to your account due to late payments for SIGNAL FEES....
Failure to pay this fee your account may get blocked or your funds affected drastically
Deadline, 12:30pm 9th of April 2021))and it’s not the first time!! Didn’t Made my life easy to receive this kind of email. I don’t have lots money I have family but I tried my best to pay in time but unfortunately they charged me after that one another fee for late payment wow!! What company to work with!!!how can we do that??
Systematically, if they are a bit professional looks like not...we should give a bit time to the customer for paying right?!!! that person always sent me a text every day on WhatsApp for remindering me I have to pay the fees on time...I got stress and frustrated and I don’t even want invest with this company anymore after couple weeks it wasn’t even easy to withdraw your money from your account balance and even better that guy suspended my account!! What an honest person I met!!! Please block this person right away if you see him!!!
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Alex Lopez
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