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Garden Kneeler Scam

  • by: KimMolsbee
  • #81915
  • Sep 2, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $15.99
I ordered a garden kneeler about 2 months ago. I received a package 9-1-2020. It only contained a knee pad... nothing else. No frame, no pockets, just a cheap pad smaller than the actual product. I've tried emailing the "[email protected]", but haven't received an answer. How has this been allowed to continue? Looking at the other complaints this is obviously a scam!
Web/emails reported:, [email protected]

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Half the product arrived

  • by: Karen823
  • #81927
  • Sep 3, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $15.99
I ordered the garden seat and only the pads arrives. No frame or pockets. It arrived 3 weeks late and when I complained I was told it was out of stock and would cost $20 to ship it back to get a partial refund ! When I complained more they offered a 15% discount on more of their crap products. This company is in ASIA and has NO INTENTION of delivering your product or giving a refund. STAY AWAY.
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Pamonny is a scam. Do not buy from this company

  • by: lvmykdz
  • #82046
  • Sep 7, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $24.00
This is another Kneeler story. Long story short. I ordered a kneeler set with padded seat and garden tool pouches. Received everything except the main component of the kneeler (metal frame). So I reported it to Pamonny and they emailed and told me.....We are so sorry to hear that . In this situation, we would like to offer you below two proposals:
1) Send back the products and need to be responsible for the shipping fee more than 20USD.
2) Or we can offer you 15% of the product value as discount.
I told them "No, I just want a full refund" and then then they sent me this....
We are so sorry to hear that you are not willing to accept this suggestion. This is the best proposal that I can provide to you, but in this case, I have checked with our manager, we would like to offer you an exceptional proposal which will be provided to you only: how about we provide a 20% refund for the product. Otherwise, you will cost more than 20USD for shipping the product back to us, and customers need to be responsible for the returning shipping fee.
This was their mistake why should I be responsible for paying anything for their mistake.
*************I was warned about this company before I bought this item, I should have listened.*************
Names reported:
Sabbir, Galang
Web/emails reported: [email protected]

Pamonny Garden Kneelers are a scam

  • by: shirleybower
  • #82238
  • Sep 9, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $57.56
Purchased 4 garden kneelers and after 2 months I finally received 4 pads that are part of a garden kneeler. After a number of emails back and forth they said they would credit me 20% if I would give them a good review. Did not believe that would happen so I told them I just wanted the garden kneelers that I had ordered. They are no longer replying to my emails.
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SCAM--of the first magnitude

  • by: sostaugler
  • #82260
  • Sep 9, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $47.15
On 8 July I ordered three “garden kneeling benches” from Pamonny for $47.15. It wasn’t until late August that the shipment arrived. On opening the package I realized that it was ONLY the foam pads, and not the benches I ordered.
I immediately contacted Pamonny and had numerous e-mail contacts with them in which they originally said I got what I ordered (which I did not). Then they said that the kneeling benches were out-of-stock , then offered 10-15-20% if I didn’t want them and finally said that I did not have to return the pads, but could give them away—or sell them.
BOTTOM LINE: I did not get what I paid for Pamonny refuses—or are unable—to make things right, or refund my money. I am therefore requesting that you cancel my charge and credit my Shop Your Way card with the $47.15
Atttached are pictures of the kneeling benches I ordered and what I actually got (the pads, which may cost $1 each @ the Dollar Store). Also attch’d is a link to the trustpilot website which has 248 reviews of Pamonny and this specific product. As you can see this is a “SCAM” of the first magnitude.
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Pamonny or Christine Bill- as it appear on PayPal site is a Big Scam

  • by: mbarak123
  • #84239
  • Oct 9, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $41 $
I totally agree that this company is a HUGE SCAMMER and I also ordered the garden kneeling bench and I only received a kneeling pad that I can buy at the dollar store. I have been going back and forth with emails to them and they tried to offer me a 30% discount and kept asking me to send pictures multiple times. I finally sent them a picture of confirmation that i got from there site, the kneeling bench off of their website and now they're still said that i did not order the right order ;- they are layer !
I opened case on PayPal site to get my money back, discuss and prove PayPal team that this company/seller is big scam seller, sent the PayPal team to this review site ask them to review how many customer over the world this seller scam customers.
PayPal agree with the scam seller and ask me to send the 2 sponge that cost 2 dollar back to the scam seller (it will cost me 20 dollar), and maybe( as the scam seller wrote on Email) I will get my money back.
it makes me wonder about PayPal for allowing sellers like this on their site, they taught that we are stupid customer –
PayPal please try little commonsense when you management those cases !!!!!!
i am attaching the 2 x sponge instate the Garden Kneeling Menachem
Names reported:
Christine Bill
Web/emails reported:, [email protected]