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Scammed over dog purchase

  • by: rocki08
  • #72092
  • May 27, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $700
I found a english bulldog puppy on I contacted the number listed on there site which they also listed the on there ad. We communicated for days about the pup threw the number listed above, which is also on there website. He sent me a bunch of photos of the dog I was interested in, told me he came with a year health guarantee and akc registration papers. What was alarming when it came to payments hed give me a few different email addresses like..... [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] I sent him the down payment for the dog, then he sent me adoption papers the next day that he told me to sign and send back. Afterwards he told me to send him the rest of the payment so he can fly the dog to me. He only gave me one email at the beginning. But then gave me another for the second payment. I wasn't comfortable with that so I told him I wanted my money back and to forget about the dog. He tried telling me he would refund my money, but hasn't.
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Delphis Kane, Robert Edi
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Scammed by phony dog breeder

  • by: FlacaTiles
  • #72225
  • May 28, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $800.00
I found this site via He was selling French Bulldog pups for $1600. (if it sounds too good to be true....)
I contacted him via email, phone(once), and mostly texting. His website is very slick. When I asked him to provide proof the puppy in question was still available, I specifically asked him to write my name on a slip of paper and take a pic of it in front of the puppy. He refused saying something about people asking this then doing something with it on social media. I asked for a video instead, which he provided. He told me to send just the deposit, then he would send the contract, then I would send 2nd payment. I tried sending the deposit via Paypal, which was blocked. (I've since learned Paypal had him permanently blocked already)
I tried sending via Zelle, because it was connected to my bank, so I thought it was safe. The first time it wouldn't go through, so I paid a fee to the bank to cancel then tried another email he provided. The second email was more suspicious. When I questioned him, he said it was his brother's email, which seemed strange. the 2nd try went through. The moment it went through he stopped responding.
I immediately believed it was a scam. Within 15 minutes I messaged him and told him to respond or I would assume it was a scam and stop payment.
He responded with a screen shot of his bank login page, WITH his own user name on it! He said my bank had blocked the money from him. I asked him to provide proof that he was really a breeder. He then unleashed a stream of profanity and threatened my family. My bank is currently working to recover the money.
Names reported:
Robert Edi, Delphis Edi, Keren Edi
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Web/emails reported:, [email protected]