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Nigel Hazell




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RAECCO International FZE International Wire Frauds

  • by: Seldom
  • #46053
  • Mar 10, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $10,000
RAECCO International FZE
(Insurance Company)
Towers Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O. Box 12398
Dubai, UAE


Email: [email protected]

Mr. Musa Ibrahim
Director of Due Diligence
RAECCO International FZE
Towers Sheikh Zayed Road
P. O. Box 12398
Dubai, UAE

Contact person: Nigel Hazell (not English)
Director of Due Diligence
Sadeem Commercial Consulting LLC
Sadeem Commercial Brokers LLC

Nigel Hazell is the only contact person for both companies. The senior management of RAECCO and Sadeem are not legally operating in the UAE. Both companies are known for fraudulent activities, including theft of websites, money scamming, international wire fraud and deceptive trade practices.

Sadeem changed their operations in December 2017 with closure of one website and listing a new website as www.sadeemcommercialb.com

Operating under NUMEROUS COMPANIES including: Majid al Futtaim Holdings, Sadeem Commercial Consulting LLC, Sadeem Commercial Brokers LLC, RAECCO International FZE, Asset-Union Project Financing and Sky Eagle Commercial Brokers.

Known persons (aliases): Abdulrahman Addas, Sheikh Isaah Mohammed, Nigel Hazell, Gilbert Robinson, Bright Robinson and Omar Mohammed. Others that have communications on included are: Andrew Dey and possibly Anthony Waltham.

Any dealings from the United Arab Emirates AREA need to consider all offers fraudulent.

Names reported:
Nigel Hazell
Phones reported:
+971-52-340-4770, +971-52-924-8912
Web/emails reported: