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Called to say they were going to refund the cost of my computer

  • by: empressfrancis
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  • Nov 4, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Received an unsolicited call from the "Technical Department from Windows". Had my computer ID# (Walked me through getting my computer ID #.) Said that because I had had problems they were going to refund me the cost of the computer. I asked repeatedly to have them email me the information. They said they would put it directly onto my computer for me to fill out. I asked if they were going to take over my computer. He just kept saying he was going to give me the form to fill out. I told him to email it to me. He never asked for my email address. I said it was an unsolicited call and I reluctant to do so. When he wanted me to put in the command in the box that came up I went to yahoo to check it out. As that seemed to indicate it would open up the way for them to take over my computer and steal all of my information. Since I didn't call them, I just said that I was having problems with my computer and to call me back.
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Sherwood Kaip

  • by: 3wheeler
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  • Nov 5, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I received several land line phone calls each of the last three days to my Area Code 915 phone saying 'this is Kate, [undecipherable] company has gone out of business, your [computer protection?] subscription has not run out and you are entitled to a refund. call [number I didn't catch] or press 1. . . One time I pressed 1, the person had an Indian accent. I asked repeatedly for the actual name of the company that 'went out of business' and was giving the refund. After some hemming and hawing, they hung up. My guess is they would have asked for personal information such as credit card numbers 'so they could send my refund'. This sounded more plausible than most scams and they are extremely persistent so it may be more successful. I think I copied the number correctly. Can anyone hunt them down?
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  • by: footballfan
  • #64275
  • Nov 18, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $50,000.00
User said I had REFUND COMING for a total of $200.00 but they made deposit of $20,000. to my checking account. They wanted to me send $19,600 to them in cash via Fed Ex. on Friday. On Monday they made a fake deposit to my account of $30,000.00 but wanted me to wire $28,500. In total I lost $50,000.00.
Names reported:
James Morgan, Md. Hassib
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Very detailed with refund form

  • by: Vito
  • #64287
  • Nov 19, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $none
On Monday, November 18, 2019, I received a call from a male saying he represented Amazon Prime and that I would be billed at $34.99 per month for Amazon Prime. My subscription would continue unless I cancelled it. I said I was unaware of this service and didn't order it. The reply was that maybe someone in my family ordered it. I said it was only my wife and I and that we don't want this service and to cancel this subscription. The reply was that maybe my wife hit a pop up screen. I thought about this and since my wife is on the computer a lot I thought it plausible. I said cancel the Amazon Prime account. The the reply was that I needed to fill out a REFUND form. The caller said he would walk me through the form by giving me the web site. I was given the web site as I asked when was this account activated. The reply was Sept 15, 2019. I asked for phone numbers since I did not want to fill out any forms. I was given 901-424-4081 and then 805-206-5672.
I asked for an address and was tole that the form had to filled out. I said "WHY CAN'T I CORRESPOND BY MAIL" , The reply was "SIR, we can't do it that way. By now I had the form for REFUND on my computer screen with RED asteriks shoing the fields that were required. On the form was bank information to which I opposed and said I'm not giving any info about my banking. The caller said that we could do it online . I said "I DO NOT DO ANY BANKING ONLINE"! The caller and I went round and round and finally I did not give any bank information. However, on the form I did give my checking account number before I realized what was going on! STUPID ME! NOW HERE IS THE big one! Where I entered the field for REFUND amount I put $34.99 for the refund. ON the refund form I was given a password I.D. of ****zk and there was a number 1-462-285-232 ?
Immediately the caller said "OH NO SIR" you put $3,499.99 dollars, OMG I am going to get fired and on and on and on.
I argued that I put $34.99, he said did you use the dollar sign? I replied "YES". He said do it again with NO dollar sign. He came back and said OMG it already went through into your account! OMG,OMG. At this time , all of a sudden on my screen I had TEAM VIEWER AND REMOTE CONTROL ! They had control of my computer !
By this time I was already in my car going to my bank. The caller did not know I was in my car. NOW, He was trying to instruct me to go to TARGET and get a gift Card ! I keep the caller on the phone while I was driving and he was instructing me about how to get a gift card by Saying it was for my daughters wedding, and blah, blah,blah. And don't get a card by saying anything else because I'll be charged 15%. Also IF for some reason the card doesn't wok I can get the gift card for $$2,500 or $2,000.00 and keep the rest in my account. By this time I was in my bank and still had him on my phone. BY 2:48 PM I was at my bank. I had the bank stop my account, freeze it! Getting a new account and new checks . I kept the caller on the phone the whole time. I was instructed to let them know when I left TARGET with the gift card and they would instruct me further. I had kept my computer on at my home the whole time. When I got home I had an instruction to call BILL HUBBARD AT 208-425-7157. I had hung up the phone and immediately I was getting calls from POCATELLO,ID +1-208-425-7157 over and over. It was them, I did not answer the call and blocked it on my phone. I had also taken pictures of the screens that had come up during this call. I do hope that you can track these disgusting people down and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I am sure that they are getting many elderly senior citizens with this scam. If there is anything I can do further I would be happy to assist you in any way I can.
Names reported:
Bill Hubbard
Phones reported:
208-425-7157, 901-424-4081, 805-206-5672
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"2019" Scam on T. T.

  • by: TracyL
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  • Dec 2, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $2,800.00
I was supposed to receive a refund on my Windows & Microsoft accounts I purchased in the past year. Have had repeated calls without success and Lies. Case # 19 was given to me when I contacted Microsoft . I was given the website and told i am a victim of a scam. I filed a police report as well. What is the result of your investigation? I need ALL MY MONEY BACK.
Names reported:
Michael Shane, Max Robertson
Phones reported:
704-445-5859, 323-487-3024

Don't know why they keep calling

  • by: hayden
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  • Dec 23, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I keep getting these phone calls stating they are from windows systems and the business that I registered my computer with is out of business and they want to refund my fee....I don't know who or where they originate these calls from but reverse phone look up says Kansas city...I just want them to stop...
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