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Computer program scam

  • by: Nurseyajrh2
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  • Jun 8, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I was told I was to get $500.00 back from a program I had not remembered. I explained I wanted the subscription terminated immediately. After much conversation and arguing and refusal to give further information we attempted to remove the so-called program. My computer was taken over and is now still locked up. I will probably have to purchase a new computer. What they did was take money from my husband’ account put it in my account and proceeded to have me transfer it. This was not discovered until my husband looked at the accounts. The money I was supposed to have received actually came from his account. They wanted me to send the money by Western Union or go buy a Walmart card and put $49,352.00 on it. They also asked me not to mention any of this to the bank or tell them it was for medical purposes. As an RN I very strongly and ugly that I would not lie. They did not want my husband to know anything about this. When he became involved, he realized I was being scammed. We contacted the bank and changed accounts and moved everything out of their reach. New accounts and money will have to be spent to get our accounts reestablished. I will also have to spend a substantial amount on a new computer as the computer company had totally locked me out. I use that computer for my work.
I have been really upset and feeling extremely stupid for thinking good people are out there. The mental stress of this is horrible.
I would be very very grateful if you could get these people out of business. I believe these people will evidentially get them. I sincerely hope sooner than later. Please do something about this.
Names reported:
Jack Henry

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Refuse to stop calling

  • by: Babyg1r1
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  • Jun 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Person with heavy foreign accent calls several times a day wanting to send a refund because they no longer provide computer services, they me to go to my computer. At this point I tell them no I am not interested, they hang up or try to get personal info.
Phones reported:
152-027-4768, 152-027-7098, 1152-028-3924, 152-028-8234, 152-027-5412

Attempted scam

  • by: peggynorthrup
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  • Jun 29, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I was called 2 days in a row by someone posing as a Microsoft employee urging me to arrange for a refund of $299 and when I was not cooperative the first day he started using foul language and hung up. Same number called me again today. I just finished speaking with one of your representatives and may have given him one incorrect number. Correct one is 833-801-0009
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Fake refund and phone 5 layer protection of Watch Guard

  • by: slipperywhenwet
  • #49418
  • Jul 5, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $249.99
Explained had a refund coming from under use of tech support and asked to allow them to deposit into my Pay Pal . Oh cool I thought, but as they got in they made 4 $100 pay pal deposits into there email address I asked where is my refund, they said you will get it in one large return deposit, They asked me to call Pay Pal to see if they could make bigger withdraws, sure did called Pay Pal CS and told them what happened and they reversed all my money and tracked there number once I gave it to them. Close call, great education, I've about had it with this marvelous capitalistic vacuum machine..... Internet is fine for looking up info but that is where it stops for me. If Zukerberg gets his way we will never have to leave the house. The whole darn thing is made to suck your blood money and keep you from real socialization. The young and foolish will all get a bad experience one way or another. It sucks. Texting is as far as I'm going with this racket from here on.
Names reported:
Peter Jackson, Ron Marshall, James Johnson, Jack Price, MikeWilson
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Refund scamming calls

  • by: barbados79
  • #49750
  • Jul 20, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I keep getting phone calls from A COMPANY STATING that they will be giving refunds from dell and Microsoft. I am supposed to be entitled to a refund because they no longer offer some service and the company went out of business. Roughly about 247.00

They are requesting my email address and that my computer be turned on..

I beleive this is a scam since I have not had a dell product in years.

The calls are coming from a 1888 number, plus through a south Carolina and florida numbers.

I wish these calls would stop. I called back and told them to take me off their list
Names reported:
Angela Gaskin

Id techs scam

  • by: brozosa
  • #49894
  • Jul 28, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $9980
"Steve" said since they didnt provide services they were going to provide me a refund. After giving him control of my computer over Alpemix, he provided a screen for me to enter 300 for the amount of refund. He added another 0 becoming 3000. He also was going to give me 250 for my troubles. I entered 250 and again he added a 0 making it 2500. .he tried to back it out but it again transferred 5300 AGIAN! He hd me wire transfer him the overages minus charges $9980!
What he actually did was transfer $5300 twice. Once from MY Visa account and once from my checking account to the savings scvount that the wire transfer was coming from!
There needs to be something done with these crooks! Microsoft needs to shut them down and all the people involved should be jailed for a long time!

Added by brozosa on Apr 12, 2019 20:57 EDT

I keep getting calls from IDTECHS, but the police or anyone else do not pursue any resolution!! How does REPORTSCAM support ads from Lifelock, when they will not even look into this activity??

Names reported:
Mike, Steve, Karen Cowan
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