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Rent to own club

  • by: stu4life88
  • #93038
  • Mar 5, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I reached out to ad on craigslist for a rent to own a home opportunity. Called 877-920-4470 spoke with Janet transferred to Anthony Rodrigues who help us get set up with Lexington Law firm and whose number is 800-451-9437 x 36270. I Was told, just like everyone else I have read here, to work on credit, connect with Lexington Law firm to help credit repair. Filled out application, got approved. Told I would received lists to chose from and realtor would contact once i chose which one I was interested in looking at.

Nothing, since. Still waiting to be contacted.
Names reported:
Alex Hunt, Janet, Anthony Rodrigues
Phones reported:
877-920-4470, 800-451-9437
Web/emails reported:

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I have been scammed by rent 2 own club alex hunt

  • by: Kbreel
  • #94306
  • May 3, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $400.00
I was in a homeless situation at the time. I was searching for homes and got contracted by rent to own. Alex hunt he told me I had to work on my credit report. And redirected to Lexington law firm. I did what was required from me for them to do. I then got back in contact with Alex hunt with my proof of payment. He then had me pay a payment to rent 2own. Which I did I was a real estate agent by the name of Parrish Martin would contact me. Never happened. Next month and my card is being charged another fee of 69.90.
Names reported:
Alex Hunt