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I have been scammed by Joseph Michael Weaver

  • by: Mangusjh123
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  • Dec 29, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $200
He said he was renting out 1915 Brown ST. Olympia WA 98501. Asked for a deposit we only sent him 200$ and he would send keys.
Names reported:
Joseph Michael Weaver
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House scam

  • by: Moorekry
  • #22134
  • Dec 30, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $1740
They said they were the owners of 975 Wayne street York pa and that they were renting the house. They got me to trust them and send them money for the house. They said they would send the documents and even sent me pictures to prove it.
Names reported:
Dawn, William Caloway
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Home Rental Scam

  • by: squeakette
  • #22162
  • Dec 30, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $456.00
I contacted Mr. McWhorter from Craig's list in reference to a house for rent. Mr. McWhorter sent back an "application", I filled it out. Mr. McWhorter sent back that I was accepted as his renter. I borrowed $400.00 from a friend of mine and made arrangements to get it to him for the deposit and keys to move in. The keys were supposed to have been sent, but I know were not because I went to the house, and there is a different number on the sign for the rental of the house. I called the number and them don't know who Mr. McWhorter is. So now he has my $400.00 rent and suggested that if the keys were not here by to day, that my husband goes ahead and break in the door, and he would make good the damages and fix the house. We did not do this because it did not sound right. A friend of mine has the copy of the application on her phone and my husband has a copy of the check he sent on his phone, but I have no way of getting them on here at this time.
Names reported:
John McWhorter, Judy Brightman
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Hostel Rip off- Find us if you can

  • by: rlumpjr
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  • Jan 10, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $430
I booked a reservation for my friend Marcio at this place and paid 2 weeks in advance for what I thought was a 2-night hotel stay on New Year's eve. 12/31 - 1/2/2017. It was strange that they wanted payment by PayPal instead of credit card, but places were limited to choose from and prices were high for most other hotels in the area so I paid. I didn't pay attention to the website for booking. com that no address is provided, just across intersection. On the day of check in, Marcio and I called for hours numerous times to what I thought was a 24-hour front desk to get the exact location of this hotel. It turns out that it is not a hotel at all. It is someone's apartment. I got a text message finally saying what to go to 70 Cooper Street. Out of sheer frustration, Marcio found another hotel and paid them $420 for a 2 night stay. Later Marcio went to the address provided only to hear the tenant with a Haitian accent say that they don't have rooms to rent. "It's my fault for paying in advance." I sent the text messages exchanged only to have them tell me I was at fault because of coming an hour before check in time. The address on file with is 73 Cooper Street. The address on google map comes up as 66 Cooper Street. "Find us if you can! We won't answer your calls to help you. We will keep your money and label you a "NO SHOW". Nice scam!!!

PayPal would not refund my money. They have an automated service that looks for a tracking number on merchandise delivery. Of course, the scammer will say the package was delivered.

Please have people stay away from this place. This has been the worst hotel / hostel experience of my life.

I have called the number to this place and they hang up on me. They do not reply to my text messages.
Also reported:
Choice International- Prince Hostel Corp.
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Renting a house saying that he owned it wanting $350.00 a month and we found out that a real estate company owns it

  • by: brose
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  • Jan 11, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
me and my husband have been talking to this guy on email I have every email that was sent to and from Emir r Ellis and we were very interested in the house that he had on craigslist it was a 2 bedroom 1 bath for rent we had filled out the application for the house and he said that he would have his family and attorney look at it and let us know the next day he sent us an email stating that we had gotten the house and that he was looking forward to letting us rent it and that he would send us the keys and the house forms and lease agreement as soon as we sent him the money we then looked up the address online and it came up on Zillow as a real estate company as the sellers so we called them up and they said that no one but them have the keys to said house and that they were the only ones that owned it so I looked it back up on craigslist and it is still on there it's under adorable home I didn't know who to let know about this but I decided to look it online and found reportscams he did not get any money from us I just wanted to report him thank you and have a great day

$350 / 2br - Adorable home (Fort Wayne, IN)
2BR / 1Ba available now

dogs are OK - woof
A single family home that contains 1,024 sq ft. It contains 2 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms.
Names reported:
Emir R Ellis
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House rental scam

  • by: Jasonm
  • #23309
  • Jan 15, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Somebody tried to rent a house rent out a house that is not theirs asking for deposit through Walmart before keys are ship.
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