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Will not send my replacement card.

  • by: ashleyrunyon
  • #52076
  • Nov 4, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $230.00
Worst card company I have ever had. They are a disgrace to card companies everywhere.

I filed a dispute and they were supposed to send me a new card. They ended up sending it to the wrong address and in order for them to send it to my new address, I had to send copies of my picture ID social security card and proof of residence which was my water bill. Well after talking to a manager and half a month later they informed me the representative had given me the wrong address to send all the above information to. So now I don't know where it went or who has my I information. I called again and the manager told me she had taken care of it and that it had went to their dispute department. And as soon as the dispute department recieved the information they would send it over to the right place and send me my card. 2 weeks went by and still no card. So I called AGAIN and the representative I talked to was very rude and discourteous, talked over me and would not listen so I asked to talk to another MANAGER. Who in return kept telling me I didn't send the paperwork. And I know I DID. They refused to transfer me to the dispute office. So by this point I was angry. And hung up. I called back 2 more times after just to get the same 2 rude people. So I lied and said I had to file a dispute and they finally transferred me. The gentleman I talked to in that department was very courteous and understanding of my situation. But informed me that it had not been received yet to call back in two days. This was yesterday. I'd say they are a SCAM company. They should be sued for FRAUD. What a JOKE!
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