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  • Mar 15, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $100,000
William charles toth has had several scams via google. the last one i saw he claimed to be a physician and claimed to write prescriptions. i called goggle and told them of the site. i also called two cities and reported the lie. the next i looked those ads were out of his background. i also called fraud related to the gov. i filled out a form they sent me via computer which i filled out and it immediately was sent back to them once finished. my added info may have set the wheels in motion. about three days later his ads were cleared out and new ones put in. i looked up some legal areas and found out they were supportive of me. other bad information was also included.
Names reported:
Julie Toth, William Charles Toth, Dr. William Charles Toth

Tony Adams scammed me out of 20,000

  • by: Noddels
  • #56263
  • Mar 12, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $20,000 00
Tony Adams found. me on my Facebook page in August 2018 he said if i would help him pay for a construction contract in Lagos nigera he would trripel my investment. I sent him and his so call partners named endurance bihini allen via money gram and michael peter in michael peters bank a/c in my local chase bank on east flaming in las vegas Nevada i had to make 500 money orders totaling 3000.00. Purchased at Albertsons suppermarket misston center on east flaming road in las vegas Nevada. I also sent money grams for 1000.00 to Tony Adams to Lagos Nigeria when money gram and Western union refused ti send cash into Lagos Nigeria toney Adams said to start sendind ituns and ebay gift cards. He alsi tried to depoit 2 solen checks from south west or south western bank in new nexico into my wells Fargo ac inlas veges nevada in the amount of 2,500.00 each ii called the bank a filed a repot with them that i was not aware if any deposits made ny myself whoever tried to depoit these cks sighned the name blake then scrached it out and put for mobel depiit only. I dint any documents saved in my files but can get copys from money gram and Western union. When all the money was sent tony adams turned it into askung me ti marry him and when he cane to the state's the cintract will be worth 20 million dollers he claimed the was contracted from jb contracting when i contacted jb contracting they said they never go out if the country to work and had no knowledge og Tony adams. His phone numer that he uses prefux # is from cherry hill new jersey. U started asking him many questions like his adress in Legos nigera abd would not give me that information. I was not mentely stabel at the time this whole scam started. I sent my retirement money took car lones etc. He just asked me for120 on an itune card and i was to split in up one for 100 and one for 20 i made a mistake and sent in itune card for 120 he went crazy and said go get another ine i refused and called iTunes ti blick the card just last week so i can get a refund. I need to send ituns the copy if card and receipt as soon as they recive that they will refund my money. Tony tried to tell me to have sevek pepole deposit money in my checking ac so i can withdraw the funds and send it ti simeibe in the United States i refused. Tony had me open a goggel pay app so he can depout money for me.2000.00 was depoited sometime lsst week my a wiman named Elena lLeonard as soon as it showed up it was emiditaly cancelled i have it saved on my goggle pay Toby Adams tried to withdraw 500. 00 from my on line ac frim wells fargo when i found out i called the bank and tgey reversed the charges and i removed my on line AC. Tony adans is supposed to flying in to las Vegas leaving Legos Nigeria on march 15th or 16th im sure thats not happing i judt filed a repot to the fccc and goggle. Tony got this new jersey phone # from goggle. All of his friends all have American cell phone #s and scam millions if dolleres fron vonabel and disabled woman. Please help catch these harrible men. I dibt have any supporting doc at this time but can be abtained if need be so.
Names reported:
Tony Sunday Adams
Phones reported:

3 scammers, Henry/ William/Jan

  • by: Simba
  • #56225
  • Mar 11, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $2650.00
Am I supposed to be receiving a package from Henry I got a call from a William Wallace stating that the Customs will no release the for $700 he came back and said we needed a yellow tag for the custom officer to release the package. That was going to be an additional $850. He came back and said that because I'm officer will not release a package unless we paid $2,000 additional.
Names reported:
Jan Hendricks, Henry, William
Phones reported:
202-765-1895, 321-245-1446

Shoddy Workmanship

  • by: dentalscam
  • #56205
  • Mar 11, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $2400.00
Dr. Erhard did not provide the care and service I paid him to do. It cost me thousand of dollars and a half dozen visits to his office for adjustments to my partial plate. The damages to this partial is so severe it needs to be replaced. The cost of replacement would be about $2400.00. To add insult to injury, he sent me a bill for the last adjustment which made the partial even more painful, and crooked. He promised me he could add one tooth to replace a tooth I needed to have extracted. Several teeth were altered, and a front tooth was filed at an angle.
Names reported:
Dr. Erhard

Defective convertible Futons sold

  • by: Cece80
  • #56198
  • Mar 11, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $232.86
Made 2 purchases of DHP. Unknown who the merchant was because their products were sold via,and products are not sturdy, it cracked in half, flips over once you sit down even slow, have springs that cut through the fabric covering. Can't hold a small child nor adult individual so the inaccuracies, and discrepancies in description isn't true. Uncomfortable even after adjusting, the products are now split in half on floor. You have to put them both together and bolt everything down and even that has proven to be time consuming and yet to no avail pieces of merchandise that are defective. Email both companies several of pictures, did a survey review via email , and was told they would do a claim and replace parts but most likely refund DHP says but is uncooperative and just keeps giving me a Hassel even when I've provided the order#,proof of purchase,and after pictures of damaged/defective product, with my model tags and ECT concerning product. You can't replace a defective unit dittable or sleepable product even with rails if the bed isn't stable and I just purchased this and it wasn't a month it was on 02/19 it arrived and other product was Sept 2018. Had I known these companies would take my money and send me a DHP product or even merchandise like this. They flip over Everytime u sit or lay and squeaks all day. Now the product is laying on floor in half and that's money down drain.
Web/emails reported:,, [email protected], [email protected]

I was scammed by George Iheme

  • by: Ptexeira421
  • #56179
  • Mar 9, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $900
We recently moved down to georgia from massachusetts and have been trying to view homes. When had contaced a property off of truilia and was contacted by a gentleman named george iheme. He tried to show us one house but we were not able to get the lock box to open. He said he called his attorney to find out it had been rented that morning. The folowing day he sends us to a different house this one were are able to get the lock box open, however there is no key. He says the people who just viewed the house must have taken the key with them, that he would call them to have the keys returned, in the meantime he had another house we could see if we chose. So we decided we would as we really just need a place to stay. So we go and absolutley fall in love with the house. I mean beautiful so we tell him well take it. We send the walmart to walmart transfer to him for the security deposit and he emailed a lease to us from his "attorney at the email [email protected] and then he wanted a money gram sent to a different name and bank account for the first month rent. We didnt think anything of this because alot of people have told us lock boxes and money transfers were very common down in georgia. So we did as he asked and sent it. after that was sent we recieved an application for the house from yhe email [email protected] his other "attorney". However that night as we begining moving in our belongings we find paperwork stating that the property is being rented and is owned by tricon management. So we call their fraud line. Report to them what happened. They confirmed that george has nothing to do with the house, but monica, the broker for this proerty, allowed us to stay for 4 days until things were figured out. We called the snellville police department to ensure we wouldnt be arrested for squatting. We then asked george what was going on he said, he owned the home and he was using tricon to rent it but they were trying to rent it too high amd no onewould take it and he needed the money for his sick daughter with lukeimia.
We told we wanted proof this was his house and he sent us a forged deed that was clearly fake. George was still in contact up until march 8th telling us he will remove the lock box off the front door, yet still kept sending people to the property. We never had any contact with the other people or names he was using claim they were his "associates" but we do have a bank account number for
Account name : Mahmud isiaka zurmi
Account number : XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Routing numbers : 103000017
This bank account was for a moneygram order which i will disscus later in this complaint. The original payment was a walmart to walmart transfer being paid to george iheme cell number (662) 382-9532. Address Name: George Iheme
Address: XXXXX Dorothy StPaso Robles, CA 93446 We were able to get our money back from the walmart to walmart transfer because the walmart to walmart crashed 20 minites after we sent the first walmart to walmart transfer. George originally wanted to have us do another walmart to walmart sent to
Name: Irebami Olusesi
Address: New haven Connecticut
for the first month rent, however because the system crashed that is why we had to do the money gram. but moneygram and their customer service is useless. We called them explained to them we have a police report with gwinnett count police in georgia (case number 19020392 phone number for GCPD 770-513-5300) moneygram did not inform us of the fraud section of their company. They did not tell us they have a fraud form. No instead they told us to order a replacement before the moneygram is made available in the account. To top it off they didnt stop the payment after explaing to us it would be, the money was cashed last night when they told us the replacement form would stop that from happening and now theyre telling us there is nothing they can do even thought they did not give us the proper procedure to follow or stop the payment on their end after we reported the fraud to them. They did absoluetly nothing.
Names reported:
Logan James, Mahmud Isiaka Zurmi, Irebami Olusesi
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected]