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I have been scammed by the company

  • by: D7reed
  • #94578
  • May 21, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $80
My utility company do not get my payment till the following month casing late fees and or possible cut-off

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I have been scammed by Adekunbi Adefumbi Laoye

  • by: johnomeke
  • #94588
  • May 21, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $484
I met this lady on Facebook where she claimed to be a lawyer and a reader of mystic books. I am also a lawyer and reader of mystic books. We became friends and continued to exchange chats. I asked her where she was based and she responded Oshogbo Osun State Nigeria. She claimed to be working as a legal officer with the Ministry of Justice in that State. She also claimed that they were on strike and have not been paid for three months. Then out of the blue she started to tell me about her landlord wanting to evict her because of unpaid rent. She also alleged that her Landlord wanted her to sleep with him in lieu of the rent she owed. She futher claimed to be an orphan. She also claimed not to have eaten on that particular day, to which I gifted her N25,000 ($50). I later gifted her another N50,000 ($100) towards her rent. She was very appreciative of the gifts. Later on she asked for a loan to buy her ticket to the UK to claim an inheritance of a property worth 320,000 Pounds. She promised to pay the money back on her return. She also sent me a copy of the Bio data page of her alleged British Passport to prove her identity. I loaned her N100,000 ($200). In the meantime we spoke severally over the phone. I requested to video chat her but she stated that her phone could not handle video calls. This fact should have made me terminate my contact with her but I ignored my instinct. I started having concerns when she claimed to have come down with malaria two days to her trip to the UK and requested for more financial assistance. I gave her N8000($16). Furthermore, She told me that her flight to the UK with BA leaves at 12:55pm but when I googled the departure times for BA flights from Lagos to London, it was 10:55am everyday. I then decided to google her name and I discovered that she was a scam artist and have scammed someone else using the same modus operandi. One her Facebook page she uses the name Adekunbi Omoba. However, her bank account details reads Adekunbi Adefumbi Laoye. My main concern now is that I sent her a copy of the bio data page of my Australian passport. I hope she does not use it for any illegal activities. I will report the matter to the police.
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Adekunbi Adefumbi Laoye
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