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I have been billed for a cancelled order

  • by: laphmc
  • #21079
  • Dec 14, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $236
I placed an order through this company on 13.10.16 and canceled within 12 hours of ordering after researching the company. Lots of scams warnings. I received an email on 22.10.16 stating that my order would be shipped within 2 days. I responded by email immediately stating that the order had previously canceled and do not ship the goods. I had no response from the company. I received my credit card statement and have been billed AU$229.41 plus AU$6.88 International transaction fee for an order that had been canceled and for goods that have never been received. The company is not responding to emails requesting support in resolving this matter.
Web/emails reported:
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Did not order!

  • by: Scotthaynes
  • #20393
  • Dec 06, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $57
Ad popped up and got all my information and credit card number and charged credit card when I didn't purchase it.
Phones reported:

Not worth doing business with, absolutely the worst costumer service

  • by: chaxxman1
  • #20113
  • Dec 02, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $140
Round#1 - I had ordered from their website 5 flashlights for $145.00 CDN. They sent them out with bonus battery and chargers because the flashlights were originally back-ordered. I received them in a reasonable time frame. However, when they came I ended up paying another $68.00CDN as the duty owed so I could claim them. Ok well not horrible but not great. So far from those 5, 3 lenses have broke(come loose) and one battery/charger combo was NFG. So before all the problems came about I had ordered another 10 flashlights, and 10 battery/charger combos. Not sure why but was processed as 2 transactions. They also told me they would send me a replacement for the bad battery. This was Sept 26, 2016. Both orders came to $430.00 in total.
It is now Dec 2, 2016, and I did finally receive the flashlights after spending several hours in phone calls to them, but no batteries. Also of note, when the flashlights showed up, no duty was owed. (odd)
So I spent another 2 hours on the phone with them to figure out nothing other than that they told me a supervisor would call in 24-48hrs. Not only did no call ever come, now I cannot even call them and get anything but their automated message that hangs up on you at the end of the message. I sent their support email address a message to get told 24-48hrs to get an answer and that I should call to make things A CROCK!!
Please don't get me wrong here, I like the flashlight, otherwise, I wouldn't have ordered 15. I cannot believe how poor their customer service is, and now, in essence, there is none.
After reading all the other posts here I will be going home to go over my credit card statements to make sure they have been scamming me further. I will probably cancel the card just to be careful anyhow.
My advice to anyone interested in buying a Shadowhawk Flashlight is that if you can buy one off eBay or amazon it will be your best bet because Shawowhawk DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS. You will just be out the $$ if you buy direct from them and do not get the product, or if the product does not work or fails.
They might as well have CS reps answer the phone and tell you 'To Go Love Yourself' and hang-up.
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Unauthorized charges on

  • by: mitchell
  • #19979
  • Dec 01, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $145
I noticed unauthorized charges from this company, that we certainly didn't buy anything. I called the number and a lady told me that it was not our name on the card, but didn't say anything about giving our money back.
At this time our bank is investigating . We have no idea if or when we will get our money back.
Phones reported:

Shawdowhawk, blatant, intentional and repeated theft

  • by: nomore
  • #19353
  • Nov 22, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I mistakenly ordered a flashlight, They charged me for 3, twice even though I ordered one light. I was refunded 95%, 5% loss. A month later charged again, complained, refund of 95%. next month billed twice, complained, received a refund (5% respectively, essentially 10%. A month later same. Six months later, same charge same short refund of stolen money, clearly fraudulent.

The seventh month, 11 charges, 11 short refunds, CANCELED credit card, Enough.
They are thieves, it is intentional and despite admitted theft, they short refund. They deserve to be taken out back and morality beat into them, repeatedly - monthly.

I have been scammed by ~Shadowhawk

  • by: vancourt
  • #18389
  • Nov 08, 2016
  • Monetary Loss: $116
I was trying to order one torch from this company. Before I had a chance to hit submit, my antivirus popped up and the screen went black. They had taken my credit card details and charged me £116.00. My bank is not being helpful, although they say they have heard about this company before. I have now received 5 torches that I did not want. I am returning them to Milton Keynes.



Jul 14, 2016 10:24 PM

My experience with Shadowhawk was not as bad. I ordered one flashlight. It arrived. It is a substandard piece of equipment that did not live up to their advertising. After half a dozen calls/emails, they sent me another one. Still substandard. They finally credited my purchase. But now I have two substandard flashlights.