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Debra Louise Tri



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SCAM Debra Louise Tri ARNP

  • by: havensafer
  • #45664
  • Feb 22, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $2,500
Women of Roosevelt, Debra Tri has injured many women out there and will offer you cheap deals to get your money. Debra Tri preys on your insecurities by offering to use you as a "model" for procedures. Debra Tri's previous employer Ambrosia MedSpa was instructed to call the police/911 if she was on the premises. Debra Tri is NOT an MD. This is like the Amy's Baking Company of spas! Debra Tri argues with patients she doesn't agree with. Debra Tri has no hospital organization she is affiliated with. Debra Tri rents out expensive office spaces as part of her presentation but look closely as she has no affiliations.
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Debra Louise Tri
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