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  • by: doglover123
  • #38762
  • Sep 9, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $1,325
I found Sunshine Yorkies Puppies Home on Google and contacted them about a puppy for sale for $450. They sent me an email saying I only had to pay for shipping which was the $450 and the shipping company Safe Pet Airway would contact me. The story was they were not selling these baby's they just wanted you to pay the airfare of $450.00 you just had to answer a few questions and you would hear from them if you were the one and then, The shipping company would contact you. Well the shipping company contacted me and told me to pay the shipping fee with Western Union. I paid the fee and was told to wait for an itinerary. Then I was sent another email telling me to pay $550 for crate rental and insurance for the dog which total $850. Again to send the money Western Union. I sent the money and was told again that I would get the itinerary for the dog. I received the itinerary and a couple hours before the dog was suppose to be brought to me I get another call saying my dog was stuck in quarantine because I need to pay a fee showing that I am financially stable to take care of this dog so they know it will not end up in a puppy mill or dog pound the fee was $1,350. At this point I was very upset/ irritated so they offered to pay 40% of the fee so I would only have to pay $750. I was beyond fed up and upset so I have gone to my local police department and they are starting an investigation. When the Safe Pet Airway called me back I let them know I have contacted the police and that I expect a full refund and the dog. He of corse argued with me about getting the dog if I wanted a refund (I told him how much he owes me exactly after fees and everything), so I just said whatever just give me a full refund he promised to give me a full refund, but never told me how he would give me the full refund and just hung up. I'm sure I will not see the money but it would be nice. HOWEVER! DO NOT GO TO SUNSHINE YORKIES PUPPIES OR SUNRISE YORKIES PUPPIES IT IS A SCAM!!!!!
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Brenda, Ben, James, Maison Dipp, Tudmon
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360-329-2680, 509-871-0485
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