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I have been scammed by Supremo

  • by: Charleysmom
  • #59277
  • May 17, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $400
I got a vmail from a software company from whom I did buy a product for my computer over a year ago. The call was to tell me the company was closing and giving customers a complete refund. I called back, as my purchase amount had been quite large. During the process of the very long call I was asked to log in to my bank so they can show me the refund. After several minutes, I did see the refunded amount posted twice in my account. I was told that they could not just remove the overpayment, that I would have to go buy google play cards in the quantity and amount they said, with them still on the phone. I thought it was a bit fishy, but I did see the extra money in my account, so I went ahead. While I was out doing that, they were busy also removing the money from my account. So in essence, instead of refunding me the $400 (which was the purchase price of the security protection I had purchased last year), they stole $400 from me, because I had to give them the info from the google play cards I bought per their instruction. This whole ordeal has left me completely broke until my next payday. Is there any way to retrieve the money they stole from me?
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