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Website/emails: www.teenserge.club

Scammed by Teenserge!

  • by: Reet53
  • #73125
  • Jun 7, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $132.40
April 18, 2020, I was searching for a serge machine online. My first choice for shopping for one was at Walmart. There I found what was a great price, went to check out...all of a sudden they were out of stock! So, I continued searching...found a ‘New, in the box, unused’ serger for a mere $50.92, on the ‘teenserge‘ website. I was so excited! No receipt for my purchase came in my email, hmm. Wanting to make sure that teenserge had only made one withdrawal from my bank account, I called my bank. There was a withdrawal made for $54.57...not the original price that was total on my teen account. No problem, still a great price. I thought I’d return to the site and look for a Juki sewing machine. Why not get another bargain, right?! Found what I wanted, new and unused for only $69.95...no tax or shipping! Three weeks pass, neither machine has arrived. I contacted the MEAN-TEENSERGE by email, they gave a tracking number...it was in China for about two weeks. After over a month and a half and no machines arrive, the tracking says the item had arrived the day before. That’s odd! Nothing came but a small black plastic bag from an Edmund Wu in China....with 5 face masks in a clear plastic bag! Now why in the world would someone I don’t even know send me face masks? Never would I use these masks from China, where the COVID virus started! I’d been scammed! I called my bank, there were two withdrawals likely. made by the same company. My bank put me through to a ‘Dispute’ team and there I filed a complaint against TEENSERGE. Within 90 days my money will be returned...by the bank, this was super! Because of the fraud, my credit card was canceled, I ordered a new one and the bank blocked my account from TEENSERGE so they aren’t able to take more money from me. If I’d only done a search of any possible reviews on TEENSERGE, this wouldn’t have happened. Now I’m always going to check out an online website BEFORE making a purchase!
Names reported:
Edmund Wu
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]

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Website is a scam

  • by: Slacksher
  • #73547
  • Jun 11, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $52.39
I ordered a sewing machine from them on April 24, 2020 they claimed they mailed it out on April 28,2020 I have yet to receive this sewing machine they kept telling me to be patient as covid-19 has slowed down the mail system. The website has an Omaha Nebraska address but the sewing machine was mailed from China. After a couple weeks of no delivery I got frustrated and started doing some research. I emailed the company several times only for them to respond telling me to be patient the package is coming. I discovered that the package they mailed me was a small packet parcel that didn’t even weigh 2 kg so I sent several emails asking them how a sewing machine could fit in a small packet the response was the package has been shipped and due to covid-19 it takes longer to get here. I emailed them and asked them did they send me two face masks like they did a previous customer and that I read in better business bureau that they took someone money and mailed them face masks they responded saying package was shipped and mail is slower due to covid-19 and a decrease of postal workers. I emailed them four times about a refund to no avail. I opened a case in PayPal and they’ve responded to a previous email asking me to be patient or if I washed them to resend the package which would take them one month to resend or if I wanted a refund. I advised them that I wanted a full refund and finally the response was ok. After checking two days for a refund I emailed asking where was my refund and why they mailed me a package that weighed less than 2kgsa sewing machine weighs more than 4 pounds they apologized saying they accidentally mailed the wrong item and they would refund my money. The next day I emailed again asking about my refund his response was that he consulted with someone and the refund would take 2-3 weeks. I p BBC again and was told I could come in and talk to someone or wait on my refund. They claim it takes 2-3 weeks for the refund to credit back.
Names reported:
Wei Chen
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Sewing machine

  • by: Reshmah30
  • #73634
  • Jun 11, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $58
I also ordered a sewing machine from these people and I also received two kn95 masks instead.

Scammed by sewing machine pricing from china

  • by: Gaggarelli
  • #73831
  • Jun 13, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $59.00
Wanted to buy my mother in law a serger as she always wanted one . What I got was a headache . From reading others complaints I realize they do this a lot. I waited months to get something after I ordered on April 4 I finally got tracking 2 weeks ago and realized it stopped coming from China . So I went to my bank to dispute the charge since the company emailed me 4 days later to tell me they can help me with anything I need but wouldn’t answer any questions about where in the world the item is . Total Scam wouldn’t address me asking a refund multiple times . Do not buy from this company !
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  • by: Mom2jeb
  • #73963
  • Jun 15, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $54.75
After several long weeks without any information I received a small package from China today. It had the tracking number on it that was supposed to be on the sewing machine I ordered. Inside it contained 6 black paper masks. Are you kidding me? I can buy 10 at my local pharmacy for $5, I certainly don't need 6 from China for $54. I tried contacting the company but have been ignored. Thank you.
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Ordered a sewing machine got nothing

  • by: Lisa32665
  • #74951
  • Jun 24, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $56.78
You cant call them. If you go to their website they seem legit but you never receive the product. Their number is bogus. I want my money back.
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