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A fee to be charged a credit card or debit card for unclaimed money

  • by: mfarria
  • #30503
  • Apr 6, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $000
While searching for a legit website for unclaimed money and property I clicked on a website and was given a confirmation number and it was stated I had unclaimed money. The representative was able to pull up my information for my first name and a variation of spellings for my last name, they even had a record of a previous address I had in Alameda, Ca. The person stated that for a fee of 34.00$, tha, that would send me by email a release form for my unclaimed funds, that I did in fact have unclaimed money. I discontinued the conversation by saying they couldn't be legit because they are charging a fee. They had given me a confirmation number of3157418, when I called 1-800-875-7320. I hung up after the long speech of how much it would cost me to claim the funds, and had stated after paying them, if I was not satisfied with their services I would be refunded. SCAM!
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There is an account set up on a government website saying there are funds being held with my last name Harmsen in the form of foreign exchange checks with all my info

  • by: Cassondra20
  • #51835
  • Oct 27, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Please see the above title. I was filling out a loan application online i was redirected to an unclaimed money website. I spoke to the lady her name was meena james. She know personal info.Please help recover my assets. She knew my personal family that has passed away and some who are still living. I thought it was a legit site. Please if you need any other info please contact me. I checked on a government page to see if it was legit. It says their is funds being held in my last name a national bank in ohio. And that the funds were for foreign exchange checks. I have never lived in ohio. Nor would I want foreign exchange checks. Please stop this woman. The id number for the account being held is 311938
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Meena James
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