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Questionable Military romance scammer

  • by: 323odin5
  • #52584
  • Nov 23, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $1200
Met him july 4th..after two months no phone calls cant do it ..was on face book messenger needed money to come home.. Need my bank info to deposit his money when discharged we were getting married.. So i gave him info.. Some one told me where to look for his belonged to a sgt orval emery.. I couldnt believe it.. But before i could report what i found his facebook account was gone.. He said someone reported him as a scammer and the military was going to find out who used his pics and reported him.. Again looking for money..i did send the 200..but last nite he became demanding treatening and nasty.. That is when i decided enough us enough.. I love him but not being treated that way..he wanted my security code for my facebook account he said military needed it to see if i was the one who reported him.. I will not want it get a court order...i mabe oyt 1200..byt this jerk needs to be caught..bad enough some one started 2 other facebook pages with all my info but different birthdays
Names reported:
Nicolas Emery, Nick Emery

Online Military Scam

  • by: LynnD36
  • #52568
  • Nov 22, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $2150.00
I have been communicating with Officer Michael Tillman who is in the United States Army. I verified Officer Tillman because he showed me a picture of his ID badge. He stated that he was deployed in Spain. He stated that he was granted a special leave to come home for 2 months. Because it was a special leave, he had to purchase his own plane ticket. On November 13th I sent $1150 to agent Jackson via bank transfer to assist witht the purchase of a ticket. On November 16th, i received a text message from Tillman's "commanding officer" stating that he was detained in Lisbon. He was detained because he needed a replacement officer to be sent in order for Tillman to ce home. The "commanding officcer" forwarded me an email that stated the cost of a replacement officer is $2850. The commanding officer and Tillman asked me to assist with the cost. On Novemeber 18 & 19 I transferring $500 each to agent Jackson to assist. I now cannot contact any of the parties. I was scammed out of my money. I am a single mother and I am devastated.
Phones reported:

Military scam

  • by: Jackiebergeron5
  • #52421
  • Nov 16, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Asked for 710 dollars to have military phone connection
Names reported:
Jennifer Mitchell
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected]

Jack Felix and Steven G Jones

  • by: Kooky1948A
  • #48556
  • Jun 11, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $30.000
Jack felix said he is in Iraq as a soldier and he need to come home, he ask for my money to apply for the papers, I send money a few times for different rason, until I found out he was scamming me, not sure he gave me the real name. I also have the same problem with Steven g. Jones who said he is working in syria with the United Nations, he ask me for more than a $1,000 to come home because in there they don't have cash or a way to pay for anything. By now I think they are big organizations all over.
Names reported:
Jack Felix

Military scammed by Ssgt. Robert Adam Stephenson (FaKe)

  • by: marycathein1
  • #48171
  • Jun 4, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $9,200.00
I was messaged by a woman named T Renee Stephenson who claimed to Robert Stephenson's aunt. She stated that he was on his last Army deployment (Camp Eggers in Afghanistan) and lonely due to his wife's death. He was yearning to begin his life again with his two little girls after bereaving his wife's death due to cancer. She and his Uncle Richard finally convinced him to find another woman to fill the void in his life and move on to get married.He was a perfect gentleman and looking for a good woman to have as a life partner. In addition, he was self-sufficient and independent because he worked all his life. He is an eligible suitor ready to offer a woman eternal happiness and good love life, but he finds it difficult to move on and was reluctant to approach a woman by himself. They therefore convinced him to be find a good woman regardless of the age difference. She then gave uncle (Richard's email: [email protected]) or Robert's email: [email protected] She sent photos and her id card license This was on 10/16/2017. I then responded on 11/11/2017 to Renee and then Rob(the fake) responded to me on Facebook and we had been communicating thru Messenger and Viber(1-210-446-8812). He was pretty good about not asking about money until January when his kids left with his supposed grandmother, Sonya Ware to New York from S.C. because supposedly Renee was abusing the girls after she sent me videos propositioning me as a lesbian. Of course, I told her no. Over time I sent cash and money orders to them via a lady named Minnie Foulks who was the care-giver of the grandmother. He supposedly wants me to send $5,000 to a Commander Smith and Cole of his so he can be released from the Army in Africa. He even had me write a letter so he could claim a hardship to be lallowed to return home. I found out after investigating and Lupita Morales also informed me what he had done to her. When the real Ssgt. Adam Stephenson contacted her that he was using his information, e.g. photos and had done so before, I have not confronted him because i want to see if he can be caught and prosecuted via phone taps.
Names reported:
Rob, Adam, Sonia Ware, Minnie Folks, Teresa Renee Price, Richard Andrea
Phones reported:
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected]

Scammed and embarrassed

  • by: Delease
  • #47910
  • May 30, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $20,000
He said he was in the army and we corresponded for months. He then became comfortable to request money to come home. I fell for his story. I am so terribly embarra**ed.
Names reported: