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I have be scammed from Watch club

  • by: lumagiza
  • #58072
  • Apr 22, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $197.90
Hi, What happen when you looking for job or credit or apartment, they ask for personal information and Innocent people just be used for thief's , taking you information and one day you received a message said you win a watch from maybe FedEx or Amazon, or Google or indeed, Or Any company you think you apply, ...Only for$6.99 you win a watch looks so pretty in the picture , you thin ha I think I liked , you use your debit or credit card , ,OK. only for shipping and handle , watch arrived. if you check you bank or credit card they ready chars $98.00 with out you notice, and when you call they said you sing to a club and they going to send you Every month a beautiful collection of watch, they not cost $15.00 made in Vietnam ,they said ,do you read the contract ?, is no contract they said only $6.99 and not compromise or any contract, and they send only a small receive said only the address and were Come from....Said Dispatch note , watch rotator club . Customer care # 855- 545-7426
[email protected], 6200 NW 7Th ST. # 269032, Miami fl 32126-9032., I talk to them 2 times, and tell me they need to study my case, They take money without notice, They make me change my checking account, because I don't want they take more money from I need to way more days to they decide if they give me my money back. because I change my Debit and checking account.. They are thief's..But when I check with the bank...They have Different phone number is ready disconnect and said is for Pills to lose weight,,,,definitely is an SCAM.....If you want to help me call me 954-461-7792.
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Charle, Antony, John
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[email protected]

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  • by: cajohnson64
  • #58571
  • May 3, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $6.99
Amazon sent me email that I won a free watch. Chose which one I wanted from company above. Payed shipping $6.99. watch was wrong one and does not work. Now, I receive alert my email was compromised and asked to change it. Robo calls 3 times a day issued by this company.
My order#2c6d05a935. Entered above is company information, not mine.
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[email protected]


  • by: Pico
  • #59080
  • May 10, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
As I shopped through Amazon, A pot up advised that I was the winner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 I just needed to pay the shipping. It would take 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Minutes later, another pop up tells me that in order for the free Galaxy S10 , I need to also accept a watch for which I would need to pay its shipping charge only.
Turns out that the watch is a cheap thing that does not even work AND you get automatically signed up to receive monthly watches for which they charge $98.54 each- Their policy is one of no returns accepted and you are stuck. Upon calling their customer service, I was offered that they would cancel the "membership" and offered a 35% discount on these tacky watches they had sent. by the way...the Samsung S10 never came. They will not take the watches back and I am contesting the charges with the credit card company
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