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Bogus company fronting for shell companies under names listed below

  • by: Jbro1
  • #89974
  • Jan 4, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $309.93
World Appliance Store, aka, Home Appliance Guys operate under at least two websites, i.e.: and These companies are fronting shell companies for another company (i.e., Blaft Tech, aka, Blaft Tech Sales, LLC). I'm assuming there are many other companies, as these are opened and closed to make the trail difficult to trace when investigated by banking fraud departments and other investigators. Upon purchasing via these sites, buyers will receive an email confirmation with a bogus Customer Service # and, eventually, an email with package tracking information using a system The package will be sent from China. The two patio heaters I purchased clearly state that the items are Made in the USA, but this too is/was fraudulent. Approximately 5 weeks after ordering, I received a small package with a mini, 2-in by 2-in, interior space heater stuck in an unsealed box with no instructions and no cord. The item came from an address in Vernon, CA. So, why would they send anything? Well ... this is how they create confusion on avoid outright theft charges. They will provide investigators with package tracking etc and, if confronted further, they can easily state that there were packing mixups, etc. AVOID THESE ENTITIES. BUYER BEWARE!
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Patio heaters not received

  • by: nancypackard
  • #94617
  • May 27, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $650.00
I ordered two patio heaters on Nov. 26, 2020
My order number is ********
The store is supposedly located in Waco, Texas
They have two numbers 8776389362 and 8777303374
A guy named James answers the phone and keeps hanging up on me when I try to get information.
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877-638-9362, 877-730-3374
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