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Bad customer services

  • by: Jendee
  • #63929
  • Nov 8, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $2.00
Called 888-387-0890 @ 7:32 p.m. advised that my bank had just emailed me explaining that they(your had charged me 2 times each at $1.00. Tonya answered back with no we have not explained to her that my bank had just contacted me and via text message and there was definitely 2 charges. During this time she would not let me get a word on. So I tried a different approach. Asked her well if there is a money back guarantee will they give the $2.00 back or just 1. Again she said that there was only 1 charge, do you want to cancel your subscription. I said why would I do that I havent even used your services yet. As soon as I made the deposit of $1.00 I thought. My bank got ahold of me via text and its charged me twice. She would not let talk and just kept saying that I was only charged once I asked her name she said tonya I asked her if she had a number or i.d. she would not answer during this time of her silence I asked her if my bank was lying she she still didnt answer I asked again if she had number or I.d. d or badge # she replied 2669. I thanked her and hung up and got on line immediately to make complaint. It's not the money just the fact she argued with me over the dollar when I asked if they would give the money back she asked me if I wanted to services when I hadent even used them.yet. it's hard enough trying to understand her. But even harder trying to argue with her. I thought customers were always right. I've worked in customer services and I know it's a big time no no to argue with the customer and even a bigger no no trying not to sell the product. I just wanted to make complaint and I can screen shot my bank statement clearly saying I was charged twice. Then I just went to screen shot and the money was put back on. Clearly i had been charged twice because they gave the money back after I called very poor customer service skills and she needs to reprimanded or fired cuz she clearly doesnt know how to do her job.
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