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Website/emails: www.zolucky.com


  • by: SPIKE414
  • #93809
  • Apr 11, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $66.00
Purchased hat, tshirt and sweatshirt from Zolucky through PayPal. No confirmation or tracking received. Googled vendor. Bad reports. Contacted vendor through email on PayPal account. Received invalid email address response. Tried contacting through Zolucky website. No response. Disputed order with PayPal. Zolucky responded to PayPal on the 18th, items not available for shipment for 10 to 15 days. Additional response from Zolucky on the 26th with tracking # and that package had been delivered including timestamp. After reviewing ring video it revealed usps delivery of one small box via Amazon. How did Zolucky get tracking for Amazon package? Dispute through PayPal declined and closed in favor of seller due to supplied tracking. Suggested I contact USPS. Contacted usps. The tracking showed package delivered. Nothing they could do. Contacted Amazon. They were very helpful. Could clearly see tracking and day, time stamp was for their package. Sent email stating information and assisted with reopening usps dispute. Usps reviewed. Nothing they could do. Suggested disputing with PayPal. Contacted PayPal. They Reopened Dispute. Asked for email from Amazon. Thought I was getting someplace??? NO I submitted email from Amazon stating the package received was from Amazon not from Zolucky. Received email today from PayPal that the dispute was declined. I will be contacting PayPal again but it's obvious something nefarious is going on with Zolucky and potentially PayPal is involved. If others are having similar issues a class action suit should be filed against both. I'm not sure how to contact others regarding this but I'm like a dog with a bone....
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Fake Clothing

  • by: grneyedtxn
  • #93810
  • Apr 11, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $63.00
I recently purchased a coat that I had seen on another site, but that site had run out of stock. So, zolucky showed the same exact coat on their site for sale. I ordered it plus a blouse. After a month I received the coat, which is a joke. A huge disappointment! Someone had taken a photo of the original coat and somehow transferred it to some cheap fabric and made a replica of the coat. It was aweful. The original had a hood, pockets, and lace in different colors. The knockoff that I received was nothing even close. No pockets, no lace. It looked like a long bathrobe. It was also the wrong size...way too big and made very poorly. I still have not received the blouse and really don't expect the one I ordered. I chunked the coat in the trash and won't waste any more time or money on such garbage. Buyer beware!!!
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  • by: pandora
  • #93816
  • Apr 11, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $50
It s real simple, they show the picture of an item and the item you receive it NOTHING LIKE IT!!! these people have no shame. when you try to contact them they give you the run around. once you purchase something, that's it. you basically are out whatever amount you paid. no one gets back to you and there is absolutely no returns or exchanges. they know they send you a "look alike" item and they have no problem do in it.


  • by: JMO
  • #93817
  • Apr 11, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $150.00
I ordered from Zolucky, met their minimum for free shipping. Items started arriving weeks later, some have still not arrived, that has arrived the quality and sizing is bad. Tried to Return - "send to China or we give you 15% of your money back now!" and there is no guarantee that when you return the item you will get your money back.
What a scam!
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Zolucky Bait & Switch Fraudulent Company

  • by: TrustingSoul
  • #93835
  • Apr 12, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $56.48
They steal images from other companies to get your order and money then fill the order with their own hideous products. Refuse to refund, suggests the product delivered to a neighbor when it was tracked straight to my door. I filed a claim with PayPal and the FTC and am waiting until my cc statement closes for the month. My cc company suggested to track everything and take photos which I have. I beg you all to follow my lead and to those of you considering to order from them...DO NOT DO IT. db (Nebraska)
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Yurt, Mandy, Echo
Web/emails reported:
www.zolucky.com, [email protected]

Bait and switch

  • by: reportingzl
  • #93889
  • Apr 14, 2021
  • Monetary Loss: $118
Zolucky had obviously stolen an image off of Etsy, advertised it as their own product, and shipped a terrible knockoff. Images attached
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