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  • by: Akielb1
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  • Jun 23, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $950.00
Scammer lists an apartment for rent for $610 in downtown Des Moines IA. Dont fall for this. They list many other places for the same price all over the country. First email looks like this:
Good morning,
Thank you for your interest in my apartment and sorry for my late response (I hope you are still looking for a home).
First of all I must tell you that I own the place and it's not a sublease. I imagine you searched several apartments so let me refresh your memory, mine it's located on 400 Walnut St in Des Moines, IA, it is a Studio, 1 ba, 925 sq. ft. apartment, parking and utilities included - $610.00 monthly rent for the entire place, available as we speak (a full description and all the photos can be seen on the website of the listing company, you can find it bellow in his original email).
My full name is Jenifer Erenner, you can call me Jen. I own several properties in the US and abroad. I'm a retired stockbroker by the way so money is not the issue here, I'm just looking for a serious tenant that will take care of the place so can you please tell me a few things about you and your way of life. Also please confirm your phone number.
Anyway, check the attached photos and if you're good to go, just send me a reply and I will explain the rental process.

Thank you for your time,
Jenifer Erenner
Stockbroker & Financial Analyst
Phone: +1 (754) 303-0593 (also WhatsApp)
Email: [email protected]
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False Advertisement for Apartment in Tulsa, OK

  • by: kp2300
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  • Jun 25, 2020
  • Monetary Loss: $0
If someone responses to the ad all information is done through email. The first response is from CURORA_REMAX.COM. Then an email is sent from Jenifer Jerenner Stockbroker & Financial Analyst. They request a security deposit of $950 to be paid to Airbnb. Below is part of the email;
You will enjoy the trial a lot as you will get comfortable with the neighborhood and all until we jump into the long-term rental. If you want to move in on a later date, you can still do the Airbnb reservation and set the two weeks trial around your preferred move in date.
This trial period will not cost you a dime but Airbnb will still ask you for a $950 security deposit (you will get it back once the trial ends). You don't pay that to me, you will pay to Airbnb they will keep the money as a security measure so no one leaves with the furniture or damages the place. For some references or the full description of the unit you can contact my listing agency, you can find their contact info in my previous email.
The terms are not negotiable, I like spending time with my family and I'm not willing to do a walk-through or any presentation, that's what the short term is for. If you have more questions, send me an email and I will get back to you.
If you agree, all you have to do is to fill in the attached form and I will send you the trial offer. I made it in PDF format and Office format.
Stockbroker & Financial Analyst
email: [email protected]
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Jenifer Erenner
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[email protected], [email protected]