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I have been scammed by this co. Promise of a prize of 500,00.00 and a 2017 rv

  • by: Red524
  • #36248
  • Jul 15, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $250
I liked their page to try to win a trip .. they contacted me through messenger saying I won a 2017 rv.. and cash. I knew it was a scam right away .. but they started calling me .. and then texting..he said I needed 250.00 for insurance to drive it to my house..and to send the money to Ashland Kentucky.. to Kevin pruitt. I did still know this was a scam..and after I sent money he sa I'd I could get it back at any time. well they was still texting me s asking they were on their way..eta 5:30 My house.. then called again and asked for 500.00 and I told them you already got me for 250.00 and they said this is not a scam we will be there at 5:30..so no show of course and I'm out 250.00 which I could have used to pay bills o feel very stupid now!
Also reported:
Stylish Ela on Facebook
Names reported:
Kevin Pruitt


  • by: tonyntex
  • #36177
  • Jul 14, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $900
I reported this yesterday. But have got new information. I found another email address
[email protected]
He is listed on Facebook as Nicholas Kelley he just not has any profile listed other than his age. August 19, 1955.
Other than contacting me he had a woman to contact him. Her name was Linda Padgett.
Someone needs to tell her if he contacts her she might be scammed. She contacted him here us her message to him:
do I know you- you sure are good looking
He is through with me she could be next. He updated his profile on March 17 & contacted me on the 22nd of March. Here is my message to him:
Do not know who you are but you requested to be my friend on Facebook. Do you want to tell me why?
Below is the picture he sent me.
He said those men were part of his crew & that was the oil rig he is on. Atlantis Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. It is amazing how much information he sent me & it's hard to believe it all was a scam! I ask him one time why in the world would he go to work on an oil rig, not being able to leave fir 3 months & not take all he needed. This was after he asks me to get him 5 iTunes card at $100 a piece. I told him I could afford that so I did get him 2 iTunes card. 2 fifty dollar ones!
The last two picture on the list is pictures I ask for at night while we were texting & talking! I said both times: send me a picture if you right now do I can see what you look like tonight & just seconds later I received a picture. See it's hard to believe all the info he was sending then scam me. Doesn't he know I have kept all that information? Thus is a weird case & I use to work fir the law enforcement. I am pretty good at judging people but he fooled me! But you can look at our email & we argued all the time about him being irresponsible. Like why would he deal with only a credit card? Why didn't he have a debit card? He said he had been a drilling engineer fir over thirty years. He said when he was home he never did anything much except resting & go back after one month fir 3 mire months on the rig. He says his daughter was raised by s nanny which was supposed to be that Pamela Diane Sharp / Johnson.
I am just wondering will anything really be done on this scam or am I just wasting time here? After I typed this up the Pamela Diane Sharp contacted me by phone & she told me she was scammed also by Johnthan William & we exchanged photos & that name is the same person as Nicholas Kelley. If you are really going to try & help us then go to face book & look up those two names you will find they are the same men. I have done slot of investigation on this scam crap & I sure hope you help me & Pamella he scammed her fir over $5800. Help, please.
Names reported:
Nicholas Kelley
Web/emails reported:
[email protected]­bookmail.com

I have been scammed by Jonathan William & David White

  • by: Rush1
  • #36146
  • Jul 14, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $3,000
Hello, my name is XXXXX & apparently im a lonely computer incompetent idiot on April 7th 2017 I was reading posts on my facebook page & started getting a lot of friend requests from different men so I did like I normally would do & deleted them as they came in but as time passed this one man kept coming back over&over & like a idiot I accepted the request so after that we started chatting on messenger until he sent his phone # & so we chatted daily many hours a day to the point that I ended up falling in love with him deeply &he had me hooked totally& then the day came that there was a large fire on the oil rig bp. Atlantis where he claimed to be the head engineer on a multimillion dollar contract that ended in taking the life of one of his crew members & the story went on &on the there were no food supplies to feed the rest of the crew so of course like a fool in love he started asking me for help several time with money so I did and he had me use what credit I had left on my capital one card to go to Walmart & buy 2000.00 in i-tune cards to send the pictures of the# to him so he could send the money to food suppliers to get the food for the 150 man crew he was in charge of so I did as he pleaded with to help him then for about a month we continued to chat & send each other pictures he told me one day that he had paid the capital one off but come to find out much much later that capital one closed my acct. for an unknown reason at the time until after the next problem came up & by this time i was so head over hills in love with him we were already makeing our wedding plans & he even posted it to his &my facebook pages so everyone would know how mush he loved me& what his intents were when he got his leave in july we were to be married by his lawer friend justin carter but back to the next problem he came at me about was he needed more money to get the deceist body back to his family members in africa so had told him i didnt have any money to do that with & he did everything to get me to get loans i knew that wouldnt go through because ive always been denide & i had told him that because of first marriage messed my credit up royle but then he started getting upset in a big way to the point i almost put my home up for sell because we wouldnt needed two homes anyway cause he was going to move us to his home in minnisota but i refuseed to sell my home that id spent yrs building & doing repairs on while i cared for my terminally ill mother plus worked a full time job caring for the elderly so we ended up in a big disagreement to say the least of it so the chatting slowed down at least until he cooled off and said one day its ok that hed made come calls to friends and gathered some money if i could manage to get the last 600.00 of the money needed to send that mans boby home to the family that they had started treating him with a lawsuit so i told him id do every thing i could to sscrape up th remaining 600.00 so i tryed calling my uncle for help & got no reply to it so i started gathering all my construction tools air compressor & framing& roofingguns & sold everything i could to scrape up the money he needed & he told me to go to walmart to collect a money gram that he had a woman send that was supposed to be a sister of his late wife he had her sent to me 800.00 to help him out in this situation so i did as asked i went to collect it & send all to him but at that time he said no not to send to him that i was supposed to send it via money gram to the crew members family to help them recevie that mans body homeso once again i did as my so called future husband asked me to dototally stupid blinded to what was going on so then we continued talking & maki ng are wedding plan for the first week of july until around middle to end of june once again he asked for another 400.00 & i told him i was broke that i had already paid my bills with my paycheck & once again he instantly got angry with me made me fell less than dirt saying that the family needed another 400.00 to get body brought the rest of the way home for burial so at this time he had went days without contact but after a bit longer he slowly started messageing again with all the apolges so we startedtalking again but nowhere like be for nothing was the same after that he started becoming more & more distant until he came back with excuses as to why he wasnt able to talk because of bad storms out in gulf of mexico that recently came in to the gulf around end of june i cant remember but he said that the damage was so great to the rig that bp woulbnt let him leave the rig until it was fully functional again so thats when he started prepping me for giving him my dormant saving acct # so that his boss could deposit his so called paycheck in it before he left the rig for his 2 month leave where we were to be married & leave from here to go to honeymoon so stupid me gave him all the info he needed for my online savings acct for his deposit & a few day later he calls telling me to check on the acct because he had tried to logon & he locked hiself out of acct & sure enough he had locked up acct so he made me go to my bank to get it reset & i did & the next day he calls again telling me to check to see if the company deposited his check he said he was afraid to do it becaue bad weather was in the area & didnt want to lock acct up again so i checked it for him & called him to tell him that they made his deposit & how much they made it for & he blew up at me saying it was supposed to be 3000.00 not 2000.00 & screamed at me saying let me off of here to go talk to boss so time passed & then my bank called me asking if i was expexting a depoist to my savings acct & i told them no but my future husbands company was depoisting his check into the acct & thats when they told me that they had a security hold on it until the 11 or 12 of july & i said ok & called jonathan back at work there on the rig & told him that abnk called & said they put a hold on his check& he exploded on me you get to the bank now & demand my paycheck in cash & close the acct now ! he said ! & i told him theres nothing i can do sothen i called my bank back on phone & was askin g them way the hold was placed on his check & they connected me to the loss prevention department & they then proceded to ask secuity questions of me they said it was for my own protection so I answered them & the lady at the bank told me you need to come to the bank branch now ! so i did & OMG everything they showed me was unbeleivable & they had the check copy to prove it ! he had made a counterfiet check from B>O>America out to pay to the order to my name to my own savings acct & sent it in via moble deposit ! THANK GOD my bank caught this and instantly froze all of my other acct stuff too ! so after everything was closed out & paperwork filed at my bank i went back to the house & bawled in dis beleif they told me i was scammed big time im so stupid ive never thought one time that a person could be so crewl but i guess thats what happens when u blind to the world ! all i know is the one lady that was suposed to be the dead wifes sister i got her phone # off the senders receipt & called several time today & left messages for her to contact me please & she finally did &man the stuff that this scammer did has to be stopped some how i have sent her everybit of information i had onthis man pictures &email adresses everything!!! so please look up Miss .Shea J. Hovatr phone:256.627.0406 she has made contact with the FBI already & shes going to send all the info i have on this person including pictures email addresses muilti phone # Names a home address which is more likely fake so Please call me asap !!! im a victum too ! well get to the part about David white when we can tall during investagation ! thank you Pamela D sharp i work night shift & sleep days so when you call me to talk about this case please leave your name & phone # on my voicemail because if i dont know the# or name &subject for call ill be afriad to answer because of jonanath !!!
Web/emails reported:
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Phones reported:
774-855-1147, 307-275-8269


  • by: nena
  • #36139
  • Jul 13, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $480
I was going to buy a truck of the lady named "Julie" but before I can get the truck. The "Facebook market place" said I had to buy 5 green dot cards with a balance of $500 each. I only bought one with a balance of $480.00 they said to not register it. Either way, i still did. So when I bought if the person asked for the card info after I gave him the card info he said they were going to start the shipment for the truck. The person on the phone said they truck was going to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I waiting for the truck to arrive and Tuesday came and nothing so I called. They said the could start the shipment until the whole money was paid which was $2500 and so it started being a little fishy so I decided to tell them I didn't wanna buy the truck because it wasn't a good time for me right now. So the guy said it was ok and I asked to get my money back and he said that someone else was gonna call me to get more info so I could get a refund, but no one called. I wait about 3-5 days and no call. So I decided to call them but every time I called the phone just hung up so I emailed them I emailed the lady and nobody has gave me any answers so I called Facebook corporate and he told me it was a scam I asked them if there was anything they could do they told me that they could help me but there was going to be a feed of $78 so I told them no I had already lost $480 and they wanted to take $78 more so I decided to call my bank and they did a report to help me get my money back. But I just wanted to report or because that messed up.
(913) 586-4835 that's the number that I call and the number just hangs up....
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This is a Facebook scam.

  • by: Maribone
  • #36109
  • Jul 13, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Someone I grew up with contacted me on Facebook saying I had won sweepstakes that was thru Facebook. She gave me a name to contact and claimed she had won. This is why I believed it. She also put me in touch with a woman she claimed to know who had also won.
Names reported:
Cent Dawson, Ollie Tucker

Trying to blackmail

  • by: Mwhalen87
  • #36073
  • Jul 13, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Okay so I got a friend request on Facebook and then immediately I got a message and then it started going right to the point of wanting to see her boobs and nude pictures and then trying to video chat me to send videos of nude then started getting aggressive telling me that she's going to post all my videos and everything all over social media then threatens me if I don't pay her that she will do so and send things to my work and my friends and family
Names reported:
Vanessa Dorice Tano