Fake Grants

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Promised $9000 In Free Government Grant Money!

  • by: FreeGrantNov17
  • #42918
  • Dec 05, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $2,555
Contacted in early 11/17 that I am eligible for $9000 in free gov. grant money, (I had been notified of this supposed windfall before - couple of times in 2016, and one other in 2017 - but this time I responded?! I have paid $200 registration fee; $920.57 Fed tax, (of which I found out there is no such thing on Fed grant,) $735 in IL State tax; $500 in portal FEE, to transfer funds from Syracuse, N.Y., bank to Chicago, IL, bank; Given an increase in funds to $19000 and Stopped PPI, Payment Protection Insurance, so I wouldn't be charged more fees. And what I deem as " penialized" for cancelling the transaction with another fee of $600 to revert my file to pre-insurance pre-increase in funds terms??? Presently, I haven't received any deposit of the promised $9000, nor any of the fees I've paid, "promised to be refunded"!!?? I'm embarrassed to have gone along with these people this long, and need your help. I'm still in contact with Sam Walter, 315 464 0665, who says I have to pay another portal fee, $500; and Steven William, 315 400 2262, who claims I need to pay another $300 registration???? My file is on hold?????
Names reported:
Variety of Callers, Steve Lawrence, Stephen Johnson, Sam Walter, Steven William.
Phones reported:
206-401-1040, 315-464-0665, 315-400-2262

$9,200 grant from goverment

  • by: Tacoman14
  • #42879
  • Dec 04, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I got a call on friday saying this is a grant from the goverment for $9,400 they gave a name to call back rosely calzert ext-710 they said they are in washington D.C. THEY want me to buy 2 cards that are Itunes for $100 each then call them back but from receipt for itune card they will give a reference number to go to money gram or western union to pick up $9,400 so i dont if this is scam but it feels not right
Names reported:
Stacy, Rosely Calzert
Phones reported:

Scammer charged my account

  • by: Candycane13
  • #42856
  • Dec 04, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $729
I got messaged on Facebook first about IMF headquarters that I won a grant with them. Then I got text messages from them wanting me to send iTunes cards to them and I didn't they wanted my bank account numbers but I didn't give it to them. They wanted my PayPal email to sent me my money. I thought it was a scam they sent me 730 dollars for the first payment. Then I got a text about sending money to Nigeria to send all 700 dollars and I only keep 30 dollars. They reversed saying they didn't authorize the transaction and my account is overdrawn 729.83. I had my number changed so they couldn't text me and harass me anymore.
Names reported:
Linda Brown
Phones reported:

Repetitive calls from fake company

  • by: alex_lefever
  • #42849
  • Dec 04, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
They keep calling me daily. the number they all me from changes a every time they call me and the number that calls me becomes inactive after every call. It is the same person calling me but their name keeps changing. They even tried telling me a different name of their company. They said they are from the United States department of health and services once.
Names reported:
Omni, Mary

That told me I could get a government grant that I don't have to pay back

That told me to buy steam cards and give them the cods to the cards so I gave them the cods to the cards so I can get the grant money they said I could pick it up at a money gram i ask for my money back for the cards thay said no i have to buy more steam cards then they can release the funds
Names reported:
Phones reported:

Devonte Jackson and Dorothy Phillips- federal grant scamming for a fee on facebook

  • by: NoFool
  • #42832
  • Dec 03, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I was sent a friend request on facebook from Dorothy Phillips that asked if I had heard about the free federal grant money program. I told her I had not and she sent me a link for this other person, Devonte Jackson. He asked if I was contacting him for access to free federal grant money and then proceeded to ask me how much I was interested in and what his fees were for each amount and that once they received all of my personal information and they received their fees I would get my federal grant money within 8 hours thru federal express. Devonte Jackson said he worked for Federal Government Of Home Carr and Family Support Grant, and that their fees are:
You Pay $550 and get $50,000.00.
You Pay $1000 and get $100,000.00.
You pay $2,000 and get $200,000.00.
You pay $3,000 and get $300,000.00.
You pay $4,000 and get $400,000.00
You pay $5,000 and get $500,000.00
You pay $6,000 and get $600,000.00
You pay $7,000 and get $700,000.00
Clearly they are working a scam.
Names reported:
Devonte Jackson, Dorothy Phillips
Web/emails reported:
https://www.facebook.com/devon­te.olufade1222, https://www.facebook.com/dorot­hy.phillips.9047
Phones reported:


Vernon Henry

Oct 20, 2017 10:28 AM

First of all my name is Vernon Henry Im the owner of VG Grant Writers . And Im not a scam you can call The Arizona Corporation Commission


Jun 13, 2017 11:16 PM

I was just called and said I had to pay 200 for a registration fee and would get 9,200 as soon as I paid it. I told her I have received federal grants for school and never did I have to pay to register to receive the money. She hung up on me. So big scam. The number she called from was 202-871-8933. So please pass this on so no one gets scammed by these ppl. Also it was so noisy there I could hardly hear her. So they were calling other people to scam them. Sad.

Dorothy Rose

May 18, 2017 1:47 AM

I also got all today stating receiving a grant and asking me to buy ITunes card at Walmart. I knew it is a sacm. I want to report them as called more than once. I want to report them.

Mike Ryder

Jul 25, 2016 6:56 PM

how do they get my money...if i put money on my itunes card on I can take it out?

Joy Cannon

Jun 30, 2016 11:44 PM

I received several of these calls today and either ignored them or hung up as soon as the obvious scammer claimed to be calling from the "Federal Grants Dept". If you sent money to these people please be sure to report it to the FTC: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt&panel1-1 If enough people file reports they may actually track these scammers down. The reporting form asks details about how much money they asked for and were sent, and how you sent it. Since I didn't get to that point I can't report it, but I hope anyone who was preyed on by these scammers will report it!