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I was led to believe that fourth line free

  • by: Sprintwasbad
  • #41402
  • Nov 5, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $280.00
Went to the Sprint store with an advertisement ,add fourth line free,picked out a 6$ a month lease phone,bottom of the Ring,first bill was 140, more went to store they would not make it Good,got another bill this month the same,i was so disappointed with sprint,tjey had no answers,im done with them !!!!!
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I was scammed by Sprint

  • by: Aubreywares
  • #42833
  • Dec 3, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $0
I traded on my phone at a Sprint store and was told I would get a trade in a discount off my new phones lease fee. When I received my bill, the lease cost was $42 a month, rather than the $26 promised. The store also calls my phone to tell me about their promotions without my permission.
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Sprint stole money from me

  • by: Machen62
  • #48853
  • Jun 16, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $85.88
Had 2 phones with sprint. Cancelled 1 line and Sprint charged me 150.00 and said I bbn ownes ghe phone. Since Sprint charged me for a phone, they had me return the one that we had not purchased and was told they would credit 150.00 when they received the phone. Phone was received 5/17/18 per confirmation email. Was to credit me 160.88 including tax on that phone. I never received it. Now they say they will only credit back 75.00 instead of the 150.00 as Sprint employee had me return the wrong phone on the account. I asked that they return the phone and they said no as they already resold it. Basically sprint stole my phone only paid 1/2 the value then resold it to someone else.
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Sprint failure to acknowledge ad

  • by: guycastille
  • #52419
  • Nov 16, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $400
I was buying a home in a different area that did not have cellphone coverage for Verizon. I was attempting to try another carrier. I was trying out Sprint. I was trying to port over 1 number but, they ported 5 numbers. Now they are trying to charge me for 5 numbers ported over. I got a bill for $372. I also got a bill from Verizon for over $400 and was informed that my next bill will also be over $400

Unathourzied charge and failure to notify

  • by: apoynter0016
  • #52491
  • Nov 19, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $234.85
On November 19th I noticed and unauthorized charge to my checking account and called my bank. The amount was still pending and had not cleared therefore I could not dispute the charges or stop payment. I called Sprint who made the unathourzied charge to the account and spoke with Marvin. He informed me that because I was a customer with Sprint that they had all right to claim the balance to my account per the contract. I told him I was unaware of the charges and they were unathourzied I never let them store my card information. He said I did when I signed up. He then told me that they will collect at 100% then 75% then 50% then 20% then 10%. I told him they never attempted to even do that. I never received a letter from them with an attempt to collect. He said they sent a certified letter on the 19th of October. I told him if it was certified letter I would have had to sign something or pick it up at the post office and that never happened and I can prove that by the post office. He said that a signature was not required. I said what is the point of sending a certified letter if a signature is required. He then proceeded to tell me that a lot times if the mail person knows you and your not home they just leave the letter. Well that never happened. I insisted that in order to receive a certified letter I would have had to sign. He said he would not argue with me a signature is not required. I am always home when my mail runs.
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Sprint posted false claims against my credit

  • by: Truckgirl18
  • #56480
  • Mar 19, 2019
  • Monetary Loss: $0
Sprint has sent false debts to collection agencies. They have claimed I had an open balance after I closed a phone line contract. I proved I paid the cancellation fees. A year later they claimed I still have that contract open and sent the unpaid bills to collection. Both times they never sent me any notice, or chance to dispute. Now my credit is wrecked due to their bogus claims. I called to get answers and was told they cannot find where the charge is originating from. They then hung up on me when I grew frustrated.