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Texas Drivers License Renewal Scam

  • by: dawna
  • #33976
  • Jun 9, 2017
  • Monetary Loss: $23
I searched for the Texas DPS site to renew my drivers license. I clicked the link to portal. The website displayed the renewal amount of $23 and I proceeded to enter my name, billing address, debit card. I submitted the order and a separate screen indicated that the site is separate from a government DMV. I submitted the order assuming that TX DPS had out sourced payment processing to a party vendor and I called the Customer Services number requesting clarification and cancellation of the order. I received an email with the confirmation of the purchase and now I am waiting for confirmation email of the cancellation.
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Nationwide Scam to renue drivers license

  • by: MikeyR
  • #51579
  • Oct 15, 2018
  • Monetary Loss: $3.99
I lost My Drivers license, searched for "replace Colorado drivers license" was referred to "" and followed the prompt for "How to Replace a Driver License in Colorado". It turns out they want to sell you a booklet that tells you how to replace your Colorado drivers license for $19.99 + a $3.99 processing fee.
After reading the conformation e-mail that indicated "Thank you for purchasing the Drivers Licenses Road Guide" I realized I had been scammed for $23.98. I went back to the website and got the number "1-866-524-1950" called and talked to Jason who said he would refund the $19.99 but could not refund the $3.99 processing fee. It is such a small amount who will fight for $3.99, I did, I disputed the charge with my CC company. I know I will probably cause the expenditure of over $100.00 worth of time to fight a $3.99 charge but these guys are crooks!
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